Tuesday, March 27, 2012


It was pretty nice weather today in Rexburg and I really enjoyed the Devotional. You will find interesting that our apartment is actually pretty clean. My roommates and I even coordinate certain things without realizing it. Also two of my roommates are addicted to Dr. Pepper...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Crazy Week

Man when it comes to finals, they tend to make things not very pleasant. And when your me its even worse, I have a shirt that say's I put the 'Pro' in procrastination and boy is that right! Seems though I just can't seem to get off of Facebook...

Fighting Colors

As I stayed with one of my roommates I got the chance to live his life for a bit. His family is really big into karate and I got to endure a couple of hours of harsh training. After was over we got the chance to fill our lungs with very colorful chalk.

Heading Down

This weekend was the big Festival of Colors. Since I've never been I decided I want to go this semester. We got dropped off at the beautiful conference center where I had the chance to admire all of its beauty.

Night Life

Nothing beats going to the dunes with people you are super happy to be with. We have an amazing group of Home Evening friends. We had an amazing night by the fire and looking up at the big sky hoping to see some sooting start upon which we could make some wishes.

School Day

I love school up here in Rexburg. I consider our Home Evening group the best one on campus, try and fight me and you will lose this battle. We went to the sand dunes and had a blast with a cozy fire and staring at the amazing start filled sky. What better way than to spend an evening like that with such great friends?  

Rexburg Skies

One thing is for sure; Rexburg has some amazing looking skies. Along with the beautiful sunsets Rexburg can definitely express it's emotions through its sky.